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Paws and Plunder: Hilarious Halloween Pirate Attire for Furry Mates!

Paws and Plunder: Hilarious Halloween Pirate Attire for Furry Mates!

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"Introducing the **Pawsome Pirate Parrrty Costume** for your furry mate! A swashbuckling ensemble that adds a dash of whimsy to your pet's Halloween and party look. Let your dog or cat embrace their inner pirate with comfort and style.

1. Crafted from high-quality polyester, this costume guarantees supreme comfort and softness. It's a must-have for chilly seasons, keeping your pet warm and snug.
2. The high neckline design not only exudes a classic vibe but also ensures your pet stays cozy without compromising on mobility.
3. Convenience meets charm with the neck opening design, allowing easy attachment of a traction rope.
4. Meticulous craftsmanship defines this attire, ensuring it's a lasting addition to your pet's wardrobe.
5. Versatile enough for daily wear or as a charming Thanksgiving gift, your furry friend will steal the show at any party occasion.

- Brand: None
- Material: Premium Polyester
- Origin: Mainland China
- Type: Costume for Dogs and Cats

**Available Sizes:**
- S: Chest 14.2"-15.7" (36cm-40cm), Back 8.7"-10.2" (22cm-26cm)
- M: Chest 15.4"-16.9" (39cm-43cm), Back 11"-12.6" (28cm-32cm)
- L: Chest 16.9"-18.5" (43cm-47cm), Back 12.6"-14.2" (32cm-36cm)
- XL: Chest 19.7"-21.3" (50cm-54cm), Back 14.6"-16.1" (37cm-41cm)

Embrace the spirit of adventure and cuteness with our Pawsome Pirate Parrrty Costume! Your pet's next escapade awaits."
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